The Distant Past Tarot vs The Second Nature Tarot

The Distant Past Tarot vs The Second Nature Tarot

Which one and What's the difference?

The Distant Past Tarot was released in March of 2016. It was created for all ages with no nudity. It has more of a regal feel, sophisticated with subtle religious undertones. It has a consistent colored title area and no borders. 

The Distant Past suits are Coins, Swords, Wands and Cups and mainly follows the RWS imagery system. It uses Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages as court cards.

The Second Nature Tarot was released in August of 2018. It also has no nudity and no borders. It is whimsical and a bit more vivid in color. The Second Nature Tarot uses Earth, Air, Fire and Water as suits, and each suit is represented by different veggies, flowers, birds, butterflies, feathers, and sea-life.

It has a different color-coded title area for each suit. This deck is fun and quirky and very loosely based on the Rider-Waite-Smith system. It uses Lord, Lady, Explorer and Child as court cards.

So very different decks, that go very well together, but each give unique readings. The Distant Past seems to give more sophisticated advice, the kind that you would get from a wise Grandmother or Grandfather.

The Second Nature is like talking with the unique Aunt that has traveled the world and walked barefoot in the forest, danced in the rain and puts her crystals under the full moon.... the advice is more earthy and laced with humor! 

Both have no nudity and are great for all ages!


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