“There’s no reason not to smile when a ladybug flies your way.
Or better, when she lands on you.
Tell her your special hopes and wishes.
Then she’ll be on her way to make them all come true.”

Ladybugs have always amazed me! I just love them!!

Such sweet creatures that flitter about, bringing good luck and love to all that encounter them.

Folklore says that when you see a ladybug make a wish and when she flies away she is off to grant it!

The Ladybug speaks to us on a spiritual journey to follow your heart, create your own happiness and spread your love to others!

So imagine my proud mom moment of joy when my 10 year old daughter came to me with her idea for a little surprise she wanted to add into  The Second Nature Tarot!

That's right... The Ladybugs!!

Have you found them all?

Some are obvious and a few are hidden in each card... look closely!

This was her special project and contribution to the deck, and I think it completes it in a way I would not have thought of! 

I love the wondrous magic of a 10 year old's mind...

we should all keep that within us no matter how old we grow in age...

always search for the hidden magic that is around us in nature everyday!

Blessings to all!

xoxo ~J


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